Show and Tell-A Joyfully Recommended Title!!

Trinity Green is restless. Six months ago, she eloped with Harper and while she enjoys married life, it isn’t the earth-shattering sensation she thought it would be. Coming home early from her best friend’s baby shower, Trinity suddenly finds out why. Her husband is in the shower and he is not alone. One nasty and uncomfortable scene later, Trinity Green no longer considers herself married. Unable to stay in the bed she and her husband shared, Trinity checks into a hotel for the night. Tired of being the pretty perfect girl everyone knows and expects, Trinity vows to begin living her life as she wants. And right then she wants to touch herself.Scott Sinclair has been alone for a few years and while women like him, his life revolves around work and his college-aged daughters. Checking into the hotel because of an early morning flight, Scott hears the feminine moans through the electrical outlet in his hotel room. The woman’s sighs of pleasure are subtle but intoxicating. Knowing he shouldn’t be listening to something so intimate, he can’t help himself and moves closer to the sound. Perceptive enough to identify he is perverted for listening, Scott realizes that the woman is alone. Alone and in charge of her own pleasure. Tired of a lifetime of controlling his impulses, Scott does the one thing guaranteed to either get him arrested or get him off. He goes next door with the intent of asking this mystery woman to let him watch.With one impulsive act on Scott’s part, a relationship between he and Trinity develops, albeit a secretive one. Trinity has yet to tell Scott her name and while Scott at first agrees, he later regrets this decision and does his best to get “Jezebel” to relinquish the last thing that keeps them strangers. Fantasy plays a part in their lives and each relishes the time they spend together. When Scott goes to a business meeting and comes face-to-face with his Jezebel, he smiles, knowing that he now has her where he wants her. And he wants her with every ounce of his being. Convincing her presents a greater challenge.Trinity was introduced in The Fortune Hunter, also by Jasmine Haynes, as the best friend of Faith. Her persona was that of a beautiful, calorie-counting, perfectly groomed Barbie doll. She ate nothing she wasn’t supposed to and acted as perfectly as she could. In Show and Tell, the Trinity Green that I knew existed was let out of her prison of perfection and if I could live half as gregariously through her, I would. She threw off her shackles of flawlessness and learned to live. Did she make mistakes? Yes. Could she have done things differently? Yes. Did she become the woman who learned to live life to the fullest and take chances? Yes, she did. Scott Sinclair was the male equivalent of Trinity. He had regrets about his life and wanted to throw caution to the wind with his relationship with “Jezebel”. I believe he grew as a person as well. I know that each complemented the other and before they could understand and possibly accept it, they were in love. Convincing them that love wouldn’t stifle their lives took a big longer. But when they did, I smiled.Show and Tell affected me in ways I never counted on. I laughed, cried, and even got a bit miffed at both characters. I winced when they hit a roadblock in their relationship and blushed when they explored their fantasies. Believe you me, Show and Tell is definitely nothing like my second grade game of the same title. Enticing and erotic, Show and Tell is so sizzling it is hot enough to make the devil swoon. I couldn’t put it down and hours later found myself going back and rereading different scenes. There is nothing about this book that I didn’t like and I fully and Joyfully Recommend reading Show and Tell by Jasmine Haynes. Just make sure you have the air conditioner full blast and the ice cubes ready.TaliaReviewed for Joyfully Reviewed