She’s Gotta Be Mine

I really enjoyed this book. Roberta, transforming herself into Bobbie, was great to see. After years of not rocking the boat in order to keep her job and her husband she ends up losing both anyway. She decides to make herself over into someone she can be proud of, stronger and more sure of herself.Bobbie follows her husband to the town where he has met up with is high school sweetheart. She wants to show him what he’s lost by dumping her. She gives herself pep talks to keep her confidence up. It was great to see her grow and become who she wanted to be.The characters are hilarious and scarily acurate for small towns. Bobbie wants to fit in and be liked, but where Roberta would have caved at the first sign of trouble, Bobbie takes a deep breath and forges on.This story had it all. Mystery, murder, a bad boy who was really good at being bad and had a soft heart, a hunky sheriff who was anything but stupid, nasty villains, who deserved what they got, and great sex scenes. What more could a person want in a book.