Sexy, fun and seductive — mental foreplay for the readers! Well-drawn characters.

Jasmine Haynes’ latest book is an addictive mix of sex and honest human emotion that thrums with tension from the first chapter. Grady – tall, successful, handsome – has everything he wants in life except for the love of his wife, who’s divorcing him because he’s boring. Jordana’s world is complete with mind-blowing casual sex and a thriving career, especially when she squelches the voice in her head that tells her she’s not good enough for true love.A chance encounter between the two of them blossoms into something fierce and bold, with sexual tension that thrills and teases the reader into a frenzy, and a mental connection that has them laughing together at private jokes and giving comfort and affection more freely than either has experienced.The question is, though, whether these two have the courage to launch themselves into something new and unknown, to take the chance that always comes with opening your heart bare to another human being.As always, Jasmine Haynes builds her characters in bursts of reality that have the reader not only believing they exist, but rooting for them. Her villains are complex and sad, the same kind of multi-faceted snakes that lurk in your own office, ensconced in their comfortable niches of power. And her heroes are three-dimensional people with flaws and pains, yet with the capacity for overwhelming emotion.Add in witty banter that never condescends to some kind of imaginary average reader, and sex so bright and frantic that you want to jump into the book and replace the heroine, and you have a book that packs so much power into its pages that you’ll want to reread it immediately.