Sexy, fun and romantic all at once!

Loved this story! Jasmine Haynes is one of my favorite romance/erotica writers because she is a master at writing AND includes steamy, hot sex. The woman knows how to write — her characters are complex and well-developed, the story is powerful, and the dialogue is witty and clever.And oh, man, the sex scenes! Let me just say that I would like to enter this book, Woody Allen style, and be Charlotte in a heartbeat. To summarize: Charlotte works as a high school counselor part time and as a sex therapist for her “day job,” and so far, has managed to keep the two perfectly separate. When a sudden erotic encounter with the principal of the high school, sexy and handsome Lance, has her seeing stars, she is sure she can manage to have some kinky fun with her man and still be professional on the job. Thing escalate and each sexual encounter is spicier and more erotic than the last, but Charlotte is determined to keep her heart secure. She’s not ready for love, and although she may enjoy playing at being a submissive in the bedroom, she’s determined never to relinquish her heart and risk being hurt.However, one of her most difficult therapy clients turns out to have a child at the high school, and when the disgruntled parents decide to lash out and slander Charlotte, things heat up fast. Rance wants to help and call all the shots, and Charlotte wants to handle things on her own, and it takes a special pair of kids to help the two of them realize that teamwork is the best option.The sexy good times are off the charts hot! Everything is consensual, sensual, sexy and kinky — and Ms. Haynes somehow keeps it all classy, too — it’s never porny or icky. It just…you’ll want to be Charlotte!There’s a sweet HEA, which I love.Give the book a try…you’ll love it!