Sexy contemporary romance!

Catching her husband of only six months in the midst of cheating on her strikes a huge blow to Trinity Green’s self-esteem, forcing her to re-examine the way she has lived her life until now. While his infidelity is initially devastating, it serves as the push she needs to start really living instead of denying herself every genuine or sensual experience in fear it will make her seem less `perfect’. Perfection isn’t all it turns out to be, as she discovers.Enter Scott Sinclair. A little exhibitionism and anonymous sex with the sexy older man seems just what the doctor ordered. Without the burden of her name between them, Trinity is free to become the woman she has long stifled deep inside.But with every tryst, Scott realizes more and more that he needs this mystery woman in his life on a more permanent basis. What will it take to convince his commitment-skittish lover to open up and let him into her life for good, especially when she has yet to tell him her real name?After reading Jasmine Hayne’s novel The Fortune Hunter, I was primed and ready for its sequel, Show and Tell. Imagine my utter delight when I had the chance to review this very book!Show and Tell picks up the story approximately six months after the previous book ends, with Trinity Green now married and living with her husband. Of course, that situation changes almost immediately when she discovers his torrid affair with another woman and wastes no time kicking the louse out.Thus begins Trinity’s soul-searching. She realizes her life until now has been a sham, that her fear of being viewed as less than perfect has caused her to miss out on the best things that life has to offer. Her resolve to change that situation begins that very night, with some rather surprising and definitely delicious results.Trinity’s transformation is just plain inspiring. Instead of dwelling on her pain, this woman takes what is the worst moment of her life and learns from it, using it to grow as a person in every way that counts. She doesn’t limit herself to simple personal and romantic growth – the changes she undergoes propel her to strive for professional success as well.While far from perfect, Scott is certainly the perfect man to aid Trinity in her quest. More than that, he soon proves himself the perfect man for her as he shows her again and again that he loves her for herself – every little flaw, every idiosyncrasy. From the moment they meet, he is enamored of Trinity, and his adoration of her grows into full-fledged love before either of them know what hit them. He is infinitely patient with her, giving her the time and space she requires even as his own heart is begging to rush things, to claim her for his own. Of course, like I said – he isn’t perfect and he definitely makes some mistakes along the way. But oh, how he does make up for them!!! *shivers*Show and Tell is a book that proves once again that Jasmine Haynes is an indisputably talented romantic author. With sizzling love scenes that will stir both the loins and the heart coupled with realistic and likable characters that leap off the page as if in full 3-D color, she effortlessly creates a story that will hold a special place in readers’ hearts for a long time to come.**Courtesy of Wild on Books**Series Order: