Scorching Hot Read

This book held me from the first page until the very last word. This story wasn’t just about erotic, hot sex but had a really deep emotional story to back it up. The Jackson family was still grieving, even though 3 years had passed, for eldest brother Lou. The family members, parents, brothers Jace, David and Mitch, and lastly his widow Taylor and their 2 children were all pretending to be alright but nobody was the same, especially Jace who blamed himself for Lou’s death. Bigger issues are on the horizon because Jace has been carrying a torch for Taylor for 15 years. Things come to a head when Jace found Taylor trying to pick up a guy in a bar for a one night stand. He dragged her from the bar and one thing led to another beginning with a kiss. So begins the illicit affair. This story takes you on Jace and Taylor’s journey, the effect their affair has on the family, final acceptance of the death of a loved one and healing and forgiveness. I loved that the author allowed the reader too see different point of of views from Jace, Taylor and even the mother Evelyn at times. This was a great start to the continuing saga of the Jacksons. This book was free and I highly recommend picking it up even at a cost. It’s well written and the love scenes could set tinder on fire.