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Somebody’s LoverJackson brothers book 1Product DetailsThe Jackson family has lost a member. Lou’s death has hit the family hard and no one feels it worse than Taylor. Mom of two and now widowed, she struggles with what she wants in life now with him gone. She is a young woman and wants to feel the touch of a man again. But feels like she may be cheating on Lou’s memory, even after 3 yrs. So maybe she can pick up someone and have some meaningless sex and just get it out of her system.Jase the youngest of the brothers, stops to have a drink at some whole in the wall bar. When he sees an attractive but scantily dressed woman walk in. It looks like Taylor but, no it couldn’t be. Taylor, mom, wife to his dead brother, could not be in a bar, hitting on some guy. Why would she? He had been doing as much as he could to fill Lou’s shoes, fixing stuff around the house, helping with the boys, taking them to baseball, coaching the team, what else could she need? How much more could he do to help ease the guilt of getting his brother killed?Somebody’s ExJackson Brothers 2Product DetailsDavid, has tried to take care of the family. Since his brother died, he is now the eldest. It is his job to keep the family together. But when decisions are done and situations come up that he can’t handle, he decides that it is time to step aside and take a break from the family. Maybe some time away will help him deal with the things going on in the family.Randi, divorced, living is a shack, working for her family who doesn’t respect her, a car that is way past its last leg, and just enough money to barley scrap by, is stranded on the side of the road. Taking her dog to the vet, should not be this much of a chore. When her car breaks down and she almost gets hit by a passing car, she has no idea how one chance encounter can change a 2 lives.Somebody’s WifeJackson Brothers 3Product DetailsConnie wants a baby. She is a mom of 2, and her baby is about to start 1st grade. Now is the time. A close call a few months ago has only made the need greater. Mitch and her have always wanted to big family, but now he barley touches her. She doesn’t understand and fears he may be cheating on her. She will just have to seduce her husband and get things moving in the baby direction.After his brothers death, a crippling fear has entered Mitch that he can not shake. How will his family survive if anything happens to him? Penny pitching and worrying about money has put a huge strain of his marriage to Connie. She now wants a baby too. How will they afford it? How will they get by? How will their marriage survive if he can’t be honest with his feeling and fears? He would never cheat on his wife, but after he tells her he doesn’t want any more children, will his marriage survive?These 3 stories are about a family who has lost a cherished family member, who is a brother, son, husband, father and how the family has coped or hasn’t. The 3 stories should be read in order because the stories build upon each other. They are especially about a family grieving, getting past it and coming out with even more love on the other side. I will say book 1 was my favorite. Book 1 one was HOT!! Like scotching HOT. I am glad my husband was near by HOT. Book 2 and 3 both had their moments and were both very good but WOW! One of the things I liked most about these books was that the family dynamics. It was like a glimpse into the family next door and the problems that they face. The Jackson family doesn’t realise how strong it truly is until they face the trials of life. Death happens and families can implode with the weight of it or band together to help one another. Wonderful stories, lovely romance that will melt your heart and steamy enough to get your toes curling. Thanks for the great read!