Real love past, present & future

Evan Collins was rescued from his abusive father by foster parents Susan and Bob. Raised with his “brothers,” who call themselves the Mavericks, he has become a rich & successful adult. He’s in the midst of a divorce trying to correct his major mistake of marrying the wrong woman 9 years ago. Evan was abandoned by his mother at age 10, now his witch of a wife, Whitney, has dumped him. Paige has been Evan’s best friend for a decade, and she’s loved him about that long. She’s a gifted psychologist, but she’s also Whitney’s sister. Both Evan & Paige must face their past shadows and pain if they hope to find happiness. Paige is a wonderful woman, understanding Evan’s fears and her own reluctance to push him, but with the help of family, friends and long lost connections this story is heartwarming and redeeming. Set in the lovely locale of San Francisco and it’s environs it is truly absorbing and captivating.