My Cheeks hurt from grinning so much!

Kristen is a secretary to businessman Ross Stone, She has had a crush on Ross from the start but feels as though he doesn’t even notice her because she is shy and timid unlike her twin sister who has no problem dressing sexy and putting it out there.Her sister convinces Kristen to wear a sexy dress of hers for their upcoming 30th birthday party and made her try it on in her lunch break. Just about to leave for the evening she takes a message from a woman saying she can’t meet Ross at the hotel across the road and would she pass the message on. Kristen gets the crazy idea to put the sexy dress on and go to the hotel pretending to be Kirby, her adventurous twin. Ross knows full well it is Kristen but plays along with it because he too has had feelings for Kristen but didn’t want to risk things at work, he wants to know what its like to be with kristen even if she is pretending to be Kirby and he throws caution to the wind. Sounds a bit confusing but as long as you remember the sisters names its easy to follow along. This book is hilarious and also sweet and sexy. I absolutely loved it and all the way through had a huge grin on my face when reading it. As with all of Jasmine Haynes books, i wish they were longer but every book of hers i have read, i have loved them all.