Mavericks are back, better than ever

My Love for this book is Endless. I have missed the Maverick series and Endless in Love is a perfect addition. I had first met Dane and Cammie in Unforgettable in Love in January, 2022. I really liked their connection to each other and to the Mavericks. I had hoped they would get a story, didn’t know how since they aren’t Mavericks. I am so happy that binged the series before this release.Dane and Cammie have worked together for a long time. They had one rule that then never broke. They worked closely together and yet kept themselves apart. Dane supported Cammie in her decision to stay with her uncle during his last days. Five months apart has weakened there resolve.Now if they could just communicate. The suspense grabbed me. The missteps had me giggling. The side stories were a joy to read. Endless in Love gives me hope for all those that have failed to share their feelings, their desires. With just a little interference people can find love.