Loved this latest addition to the Maverick family

Endless in Love is the 8th book in The Maverick Billionaires series and it does not disappoint. Though this book is part of a series, it can be read as a standalone title but I highly recommend reading the other books in the series first, it makes this book so much better when you are familiar with the other characters and their back stories.This is ultimately the story of Dane Harrington and Camille Chandler but the original Mavericks and all their spouses and extended families are scattered throughout. If you’ve read the previous Maverick books, Dane will be recognizable. Cammie is Dane’s assistant and so much more: best friend, other half, family and his secret love. Twelve years earlier, these two spent one memorable night together but when Cammie interviewed for her job, they put “rules” into place to keep their past in the past, their current situation professional, their friendship in tact. As the years go by and they continue to work together, share homes, spend time together, their feelings for each other continue to grow and as much as they want to ignore the “rules”, neither want to risk their friendship, their working relationship by crossing that line….despite how much they want to.Their chemistry is off the charts and with a “push” from a matchmaking butler, they finally get out of their own way and find their HEA.