Loved it! Second chance romance, kink, and Rebecca

This is the sequel to Show Me How To Leave You #9. I wanted an HEA for Neal after how horrible he was disrespected by his wife Rebecca. This starts with Ella, 55, noticing Neal, 49, at an airport and then through the “luck” of having a child passenger vomit on her seat so that she got bumped up to first class next to Neal.Ella who has been the responsible wife-now-widow, daughter, grandmother, and worker decides to throw caution to the wind and take a chance on Neal. This was much to the chagrin of her daughter Ashley.I loved that Ella had a real life to deal with that she was afraid to share with Neal who is in the process of getting divorced from a younger wife. He has no kids and wishes that he did; Ella cannot give him kids and she helps to take care of her mother.Neal introduces Ella to the hotwifing lifestyle that he had with Rebecca. This causes Ella to explore her sexuality, but also wonder if she can satisfy his kinky side. Neal wonders whether Ella will be disillusioned or balk at what he wants sexually.Then Rebecca shows up to cause trouble, and Ella and Neal had to deal with her. Then that final scene with Rebecca! OMG.Ella finally found her voice, herself, and a love worth fighting for. Neal found himself, his way out of a bad marriage, and into the love he needed.I originally got an advance reading copy, but loved it so much I bought my own.