Loved it! Nice guy hero, whisperers, and the start of another romance

This had so many elements in it that I truly enjoyed. Kate was an independent business owner who refused to fall for any guy because she wanted to be like her mother and avoid “controlling” men. Joe is the quintessential nice guy; he is also a funeral director. She supplies flowers for his funerals. This is a romance / murder mystery that works well as they become closer as the mystery unravels. There are some paranormal parts to as Lili, the animal whisperer, helps out (her romance was book 3). Then they stumble upon a woman who is not only an animal whisperer, but a baby whisperer. Other side characters have supernatural or paranormal abilities too.As the story unfolded, I was fascinated by the turn of events and revelations. Many things were not as they initially seemed. Also the respect given to those who are different was heartwarming. Of course, there were sexy, erotic scenes between Joe and Kate which caused the story to sizzle. There was the storyline with Joe’s brother, Theo, and his wife and how it fits in with the murder mystery and missing person case.I highly recommend it for those who are open to thinking a bit differently about the way life works. There is wonder in the story that suspends your belief and made me a believer. I am looking forward to the next book in the series, which I am hoping is Theo’s story.This continues Kate and Joe’s romance from One Crazy Kiss which is strictly a romance novella (though IMO you could skip that book and read this as a standalone).Note: I received a review copy. This is my honest opinion about this book from an author that I own a lot of ebooks and books from.