Love, Laughter & a Trip Across the Country!

Noreen Kincaid’s uncle passed away and left her his fortune along with his 1959 Red Corvette. Although she is lives in California, she must go to Florida to pick up the car. Deciding that after the ordeal of four marriages, she deserves a cross country trip in the Corvette, with the top down! She remembers her visit to Florida when she met Cutter Sorenson, her uncle’s mechanic. He showed her how it felt to be loved and she now recognizes him and appreciates the ruggedly handsome man he has become. He tries to get her to sell him the car, but she knows that for whatever reason, her uncle wanted her to have it. When there is a problem with the car after she leaves, she contacts him and he arrives to take care of the issue. She is still attracted to him and makes him an offer to travel with her as they agree to enjoy the journey as well as each other. The descriptions of their stays in various unique places are absolutely delightful as they once again discover the exciting romance, they once had. Has she finally found the man who was meant for her all along? I received an advance review copy at no cost and without obligation, from the author, for an honest review. (paytonpuppy)