Karma shows it’s face

I’m not sure I know where to start on a review for this book. This story started in Show Me How to Leave You. There is so much going on but all seems to be as normal lives happen. No one seems to ever deal with one issue at a time and that sure could be said for these characters. Ella’s life is already so full that it would appear she has not a second extra. Her mom requires care, she just lost a husband that she had to be a caretaker to, she has children and grandchildren who need attention and she would like a life for herself.Neal has been living a life fitting more for a younger guy. His wife Rebecca is not really wife material. She fits more the playboy bunny image. He has decided he can’t deal with all and decides to divorce her. She again proves how mean and awful she is. Her selfishness comes back to bite her.Neal and Ella are instantly attracted to each other and their journey to being together is filled with sex, really hot sex, friendship, disasters and a few other things. It is a entertaining journey to read about. Neither character actually fit the mold they first appear as. Ella isn’t quite as stiff laced as first appearances portray her. Neal isn’t quite the player he would appear to be. I really enjoyed this story. The secondary characters added so much to the story. The sex is more than hot. There is a somewhat hea but yet there is so much more to be told. I can’t wait for the next story.