The whole Jackson family is what I loved most about this story. They all worked together in the family owned business during the week and on the weekend they gather together for food, fun and relaxation. Every week. Real family must be a wonderful thing.I know the story is really about Jace and Taylor finding each other. And when they do, they burn up the pages and howdy. Good stuff. But they have to keep it all secret because Taylor is the widow of the oldest Jackson brother who died three years ago working in the family business. Pure tragedy for the whole family. Even after three years they can’t seem to get past Lou’s death, none of them.Taylor fears that if it gets out about her and Jace getting it on, not only will she lose the family she loves so much but it may break the family apart and she can’t stand the thought of any of that happening. But after three years of being Lou’s widow, mother of Lou’s children, sister-in-law, daughter-in-law, aunt, Taylor comes to realize that she is a woman with normal womanly needs. She makes a plan to disguise herself and go to a biker bar far away from home and take care of her needs. Only she really is very naive about what to expect and danger approaches quickly. Thank god Jace is there and even though he does not recognize her, he does recognize her laughter and quickly comes to the rescue. Jace gets her out of the bar and angrily demands to know what she was thinking. She tells him honestly about her womanly needs and the race to the conclusion is on. And what a glorious conclusion it is. Now on to book two of the Jackson brothers.