It’s all about woman power!

As always Ms. Haynes has another intriguing and empowering story! Jastine is the woman who used to dream big but all her hopes and dreams were squashed by her father when she was a college student. After 17 years on her own she is successful emancipated woman who does not have trust in long term relationships because she doesn’t believe that man can view her as an equal. Suddenly she is thrown in the situation where she has to come back home to face her past and her future. Lucas is a man who is charged by Jastine’s father to make her stay. And he is using everything in his power including unbelievably steamy and kinky sex to do just that. Would Justine let men push their archaic ways on her or would she finally stand up to them and fight for her birthright, freedom, and of course love.I love this story. The characters are lovable and complex, the sex scenes are steamy (specially, one in the boardroom), and the story is so current and empowering. Love that Ms. Haynes writes about middle age men and women who are very relateable and real. Thanks for another great story that makes a statement!