Im so upset with myself…..This HOT Delectable book of Deliciousness ..

….Sat in my Kindle Library for 8 months before I read it, this book should of been Savored, Absorbed and Re- read from the second it was downloaded… but Hot damnnnnn !!! I seriously don’t have the words to truly express how I feel about this book…. No complaints people !!!the storyline was wickedly taboo but delicious, characters development was crisp; the erotic scenes were scintillating, scorching and created the desired effect.This was my first book by Ms. Haynes and certainly NOT gonna be my last. From the summary of the book at the beginning till the last preview – excerpts of other books; was sensory overload to the max! But, I do appreciate the realism of the issues confronted as well as the general flow / pace of the story and the balance between the main characters issues and the challenges faced by the secondary characters.Additionally, I must compliment the author for creatively keeping her reading audience engaged from the very first page as well as for ensuring this book can be read as a stand- alone without any cliffhangers that sometimes makes one feel as if time was wasted because of the short length of a story which is often masked as an overpriced series when in reality it’s 1 book divided into 3 -4 parts. I implore you don’t make my mistake – Read this book & savor the experience . Happy Reading!!F.Y.I -I don’t know this author nor have I ever been approached to write this review or any other. I’m just someone addicted to reading and who have no issues in expressing heartfelt thanks and encouragement to others, who seek to un-wind after a long day with a beautifully crafted storyline that keeps one so engaged in the lives of fictional characters it’s an escape from the general hustle and bustle of our everyday reality!