I Got this Book for Free — and it is a Treasure!

I’m very glad I didn’t take the time to read any reviews on this book until after I read it. If I had been influenced by some of the “helpful” negative reviews, I may never have given this charming read a chance.Seldom do I encounter a light romance-mystery-comedy that is so well crafted. The authors do an incredible job of creating the backdrop for the main story, including an endearing little town with many memorable side characters that are funny, likeable, infuriating, or a combination thereof.Then, they overlay the backdrop with a crisp, entertaining plot that has just enough surprises to make it refreshing.The sex scenes contained just the right combination of emotional/psychological interaction between the characters and arousing, squirm-worthy details. My only complaint is that we didn’t get to read about one or two MORE hot encounters between the hero and heroine. But I suppose leaving us wanting just a little bit more is probably better than force-feeding us way too many sex scenes.All in all, this book was quite entertaining and well worth reading.