Highly Recommend

I absolutely loved this book this is the first book that I have read from this author. Marianne was having a bad month so she needed to call her father to help her out. He was always putting her down and finally she had enough. Meanwhile her friend told her how she can make extra money as a courtesan. Marianne decides to do it she goes to the office to be interviewed to be matched up with different clients. On her first date she meets Brock she knows what his fantasy is so she acts it out. The second date she is matched with is Chase who was looking for the girlfriend experience. His wife had died a year ago he was so distraught he didn’t want to date but his friend set up the date. Marianne was taken with him and he liked her too. On the third date she told him that she wanted him exclusive and really didn’t want to work as a courtesan.Mean while he dad calls her and asked her to come with him to a Gala her mother did not want to attend he was so happy when she lied about selling a house. While at the Gala with her father a friend comes over to talk with him but when she hears the voice she knew it was Brock.Brock makes an off color remark to her father which turns him pale. Marianne thought he was talking about her and her father caught on.Meanwhile Chase had been trying to get a hold of her and he could not reach her he was upset to say the leastTo find out what happens with all the twists and turns…you have to read the book.This book does have sex involved.