great story with heat, sizzle and real-life characters that you’ll love to root for.

Single mom Ivy falls hard for the CEO at her company, Brett. He’s so sexy and strong and smart that the age gap between them doesn’t matter at all when he gives her that dirty, sexy grin. What DOES matter, though? Her sneaky, conniving boss Rhonda, who’s had it out for Ivy since day one — and who will stop at nothing to sabotage Ivy’s place in the company…and in Brett’s heart.This story, like all of Jennifer Skully’s books, is firmly rooted in a real world where people have quirks and true personalities, and the “bad guys” are as well-rounded and realistic as the heroes. You’ll cringe at the workplace backstabbing, cry along with Ivy, and feel the sexy butterflies during the steamy scenes (and Jennifer knows how to write the heat!) Brett is so sexy and awesome that you’re going to wish you could jump into this story and be Ivy for a few chapters. ;)Of course there’s a satisfying HEA, but I won’t tell you what happens…you’ll just need to read and find out. This is another 5-star read from one of my favorite authors.