Great Story

The story about a woman whose husband apparently does not find her desirable any more. She has the opportunity to go to a no questions asked sex club for a bachelorette get together and she decides to go just to find out if she is still desirable to other men.Little does she know that someone that she has done some work for and only communicated with through email is also there to meet and hopefully to do what he can to bring her out of her depressed state that he has sensed in their computer communication. Their first encounter is enough for Debbie to desire more, especially with the man she had been with the first time.After two more trips to the club, she hears nothing from the man and does not receive any more invitations. Has he grown tired of her? Is she less desirable after the three encounters? Debbie finally agrees to meet Stephen, the contractor, for whom, she makes stained glass windows. She feels betrayed when she discovers that Stephen and her mystery man are one and the same, but at the same time she realizes that she does need him.After some soul searching and a discussion with her husband a divorce is decided to be the best. She continues to receive work from Stephen but in all other matters she ignores him. He finally receives and invitation to the sex club and the two meet and start their life together.