Great addition to the series!!

What can I say about the Maverick Billionaires that hasn’t been said? This is a series about a group of friends that grew up poor & doing without to become billionaires. Fearless in Love is Matt’s story. Matt loved to read & figure things out when he was growing up. His dad was mean & determined to make a man out of his wussy don. Matt’s mom did nothing to stop it. Then Matt’s girlfriend ends up pregnant & after finding out how much work it was, walked out on Matt & Noah. Matt was going through nannies like mad until he hired Ariana. Ariana had her own difficult childhood. Ariana’s father has died. Her brother enlisted in the army. Her mother was a drug addict that couldn’t pay the rent & died of a drug overdose when Ariana was 8. Ariana had a number of bad foster homes & has put herself through college. Matt hires Ariana to be a nanny for his son but neither expected the hot, sexy, intense chemistry that is between them.Bella & Jennifer have a way of integrating their writing styles together in such a way that it really seems like one person has done all of the writing. They managed to take a couple & not just make them intensely attracted to each other but seem as two halves coming together as one. The narrative is so descriptive that you can picture each scene in your mind. The plot pulls you in from the beginning & with two storylines running simultaneously, there were new developments & twists to keep you interested to the end! I really hope that Ariana’s brother gets his story too!!Even though this is a series, you can read it as a stand alone. There may be a few references you will be lost with but they really don’t affect the main plot line.