Fun Steamy Second Chance in Florida

David and Tricia have reconnected big time after twenty years and now David is taking the woman he has always dreamed about despite feeling guilty during his long years of marriage to the mother of his two kids whom he loved but who died of cancer a year ago, to his family’s home in Florida. Tricia at 38 now is sensationally sexy and sensual and just as in love with David as she has been for the past twenty years. Reignited at a business meeting several months ago these two haven’t been able to keep their hands off each other. This is a really sweet while naughtily steamy romantic few days for them and David is proud of the way that Tricia handles Judy his spiteful and grudge-holding sister when she deliberately is rude to Tricia. Family drama but not too suspenseful and easily offset by the lovely romance. Given to me as an ARC I have voluntarily reviewed.