Finding Love The Second Time Around

It is evident that Evan married the wrong sister nine yrs ago, Whitney is a manipulative lair & its time for a change. Now he is in the middle of a divorce & is finding that he only has eyes for Paige, the one person he can never have. Paige happens to be his ex-wife Whitney’s sister & she has been in love with Evan for almost ten yrs. This story was such a great read & i fell in love with Evan all over again(he’s been my favorite all along) He has baggage that he doesn’t want to burden others with, but Paige isn’t letting him off the hook that easily. She was there for him no matter what has happened & she just might be exactly the person he needs when someone from his past reappears, His life may truly never be the same again. You get to see the usual cast of characters, along with the wise matriarch of the Maverick’s, Susan & Bob! Check out this amazing story today!