Easily the best of an overall wonderful series

Thank goodness the next book in Jennifer Skully’s After Office Hours hot contemporary romance series is here to pull me out of my current reading and reviewing slump. Pretty in Pink Slip gives fans of the series not only another super hot and sweet love story, but a nice resolution to the ongoing concern involving the purported villain of the series.Ivy Elliot is the single mother we met earlier in the series when she was given more responsibilities in the front office after her friend Jordana was promoted from HR Admin to HR Manager. Ivy is sweet and hard working, but of course it’s never enough for Rhonda, the demanding woman in charge of HR. When Ivy decides it’s time to ask for a raise more in line with all the work she’s been doing, Rhonda blows her top and fires her on the spot. But when the company’s CEO steps in to make things right, Ivy will have the chance to decide where her happiness lies: with a possible financial windfall, or with a second chance at love she never saw coming.Brett Baker has worked hard all his life for the great business success he now enjoys, but at the cost of his marriage and family life. He dotes on his grown daughter and young granddaughter but it’s still a house filled only with regrets he returns to each night. Sure, there’s that lovely young admin Ivy that he sees in the office each day, but the idea that they could be something to each other only occurs to him as she’s about to leave for good. Now Brett and Ivy must deal with their business conflicts, their not insignificant age difference, and Ivy’s unwillingness to trust another man as they work their way toward a beautiful happy ending for everyone.Every book in the After Office Hours has been a winner for me so far, but Pretty in Pink Slip might be the best one yet. I loved seeing how Brett and Ivy were just starting to become aware of each other when Rhonda’s actions forced their hand, making every step in their romance even more fraught with tension than it might normally be. As usual, the other characters in the office are here for moral support, and we get a great deal of insight into Ivy’s past by spending time with her mother, who comes across as awful at first, but soon warms into someone we can all understand. Best of all, the whole Rhonda thing which has been building since the very first book ends in a way I hadn’t expected, but thoroughly enjoyed. I don’t know if there’s going to be another book in this series, but if not, it’s ended perfectly with Pretty in Pink Slip. A copy of this book was provided by the author for an honest review at The Romance Evangelist.