Loved it! I’ve been waiting for Evan story since the first book in this series. I’ve always felt bad about the way Whitney treated Evan, the other Maverick’s, and especially her own sweet sister Paige. Whitney was was nothing but a rude, conniving, manipulative witch!!! I’ve known a few women just like her, so I didn’t buy into that “oh poor Whitney” thing. Nor did I believe she was being truthful about the so-called miscarriages either. For one; if she was so depressed and sickly, then how in the world did she have the energy to go traipsing all over the world, and to one party after another? And two; a woman like her is never going to have a child, because then she wouldn’t be the center of attention anymore. And three; she was so vain, she wouldn’t want to mess up her perfect body with a pregnancy. GRRRR!~!!! okay enough rant on Whitney; she doesn’t deserve that much attention anyway.I am so glad that Evan finally woke up and kicked Whitney to the curb. I wanted to jump and shout over that little revelation!!! There were some twists and turns in this story, that I would have never seen coming, which made this story much more interesting. I am so happy Evan & Paige found their own HEA. As far as I’m concerned, they have always been meant to be together in the first place.I can’t wait until Daniel’s story is released later this month.