Desire Actually, thought-provoking and sexy!

What if your boss’s wife left him for another man, and your boss—this man of your dreams—turned to you for help?Jennifer Skully sets up this powerful struggle of intimacy. If Grady wants his wife back, he’ll need to improve his bedroom skills and the only one he trusts is Jordana, his work colleague. If Jordana wants Grady to be happy, she’ll need to show him how to properly pleasure a woman. Together they confront a necessary forbidden love. How close would you let yourself go? Would you give him a helping hand, lips, legs, and everything in between? Why take that journey if it only means letting your star pupil graduate, leaving you heartbroken?Desire Actually was no quick romp. Skully set up a mighty story and took me through all the compelling, sensual struggles their romance faced. I found myself wrapped around both Jordana’s and Grady’s hearts, wanting what they wanted, lusting when they lusted, tasting what they tasted. With Jennifer Skully’s skillful storytelling, the delicious journey in Desire Actually became my own and I closed the book with a smile of fulfillment.Please note, I received a complimentary copy of this book for a fair and honest review. How fortunate I was!