Delightful, Touching, and Romantic Novella

Sweet romance of a single dad who is a widower and the 30+ y/o baker who fulfills a dying woman’s wish year after year. It’s Valentine’s Day, a day to celebrate love, but for Brian, it is bittersweet. His wife died on that day after his daughter was born. He is full of mixed emotions. Grace is not attractive in any conventional sense, but is a hard-working baker determined to continue to deliver the birthday cake this year, if she can find out where Brian and Valentine have moved.

I loved how simple, yet different the story was. There are no sex scenes. This is a clean read. I laughed at the women at the birthday party stared at Brian like he was prey. Grace was so naive as she tried to fit in. I felt a number of emotions during this short read. I was captivated by the story and definitely wanted more.