Dane and the Harringtons are great additions!

When authors run out of characters to feature in the world they’ve created, they can find a shirt-tail cousin — or they can introduce a new family full of interesting characters. With the introduction of Dane Harrington and his family into the Maverick Billionaire world, authors Bella Andre and Jennifer Skully have chosen the correct solution.Dane and his relationship with longtime assistant Cammie Chandler immediately bring new possibilities to the Mavericks. Add in Dane’s siblings and, just in the first title, we see plenty of possibilities for projects and other interactions.Dane and Cammie have an irresistible secret in their past, and they’ve reacted to it correctly for more than a decade. Can they now be honest with themselves — and each other — about what they really want? With the help of a sneaky butler and adorable dog they just might.It might be Book 8 in the Maverick Billionaires series, but ENDLESS IN LOVE is fresh and witty with many possibilities on the horizon.