cannot put down

ok, so there are somethings that were a little wierd when i first started…like her dead husband some of the scenes with the two of them…however this hooked me right away. the authur is very descriptive (yes in sex scenes too) but the characters and the mystery is what hooked me the most. the story is never boring…and by the end i was in love…i have since read books 2and 3 aand just order 4 and 5…they were only $2.99 so i thought that was awesome. have no idea what to do when i finish 5 which is the last one put out but i hope they keep coming.kudos to the authur for listing the first at free because that is how you got me=] also no misspellings at all, ocassionaly (like one a book) there may be a ” left off or out of place but for the most part these written perfectly!download this one for free…you will not regret it, however you will find yourself buying the others!!!