Book Review of What Happens After Dark

Jasmine Haynes delivers another delightfully erotic journey with her second book in the Erotic DeKnight Series, What Happens After Dark! One of the many reasons I admire Jasmine’s Erotic books is that she doesn’t write eroticism for the sake of eroticism…. she perfectly blends a well thought out and satisfying plot with a sexual twist! Her characters are real, strong and yet have a depth of vulnerability that engages us from the first introduction!Bree Mason is a quiet and unassuming bookkeeper by day…. but at night she channels her inner vixen in an effort to deal with her emotions. Her only escape from a tortured past is to lose herself in sexual exploits and experimentation.Luke Raven had recently begun to explore the exciting world of eroticism when he happened upon Bree in a sex club and rescued her from an abusive Dom. They fall into an erotic game of Dom and Sub. Although not the typical role play, it is exciting and satisfying for them both… for a while. Luke cares about Bree and he wants more from her… he wants to know her outside of their limited sexual encounters. He comes to suspect that Bree is using their encounters to subjugate an abusive childhood.Bree’s Father is dying and refuses to enter a hospice. Bree would rather face anything else then dealing with the care of her Father but she eventually gives in to her Mother’s pleas for help and moves back home to assist in his care. The pressure of being in the same house as her sexually abusive Father forces her to seek Luke’s erotic play more and more frequently. When her Father dies and she has an upsetting encounter at the office – Bree spirals into a dark vulnerable place that leads to an inevitable confrontation with Luke.Luke has known for some time that his lustful relationship of Dom and Sub is only feeding Bree’s avoidance of her past. When she goes to the sex club without him things come to the breaking point. His feelings for Bree have grown and he admittedly craves their twisted Master and Slave sex games but he knows if he truly cares for her he must walk away.When Luke pulls away from Bree it is the catalyst that finally gives her the courage to face her past and take a chance on love. She asks Luke to make love to her… the way he has truly desired …. No games…. No toys… just emotion. With Luke’s help Bree will face her demons and realize she deserves a full and joyful life…. a life filled with Love!~Review by: Ms. Bliss from When Pen Met Paper […]