Bern & Livie! Reincarnation & Romance!

I enjoyed this reincarnation romantic suspense story, more than I thought I would have. I like Jasmine Haynes’ books in general, but the reincarnation part had me skeptical to how it would fit. It worked! It added a layer to the romance and suspense in the story because of the history of the sisters.Falling in love can be complicated enough, but add in a jealous younger sister and other lifetimes… it can be almost impossible.Bern and Livie sizzle. I enjoyed the beginning where there was some confusion on the identity… I liked that twist. Also, Bern isn’t a ‘man-ho’. Sigh of relief. His POV enhanced the story, especially when he was having nightmares, too. It made him sympathetic and more ‘real’ to me.When Bern’s sister and grandmother add to the reincarnation possibility, who they were in other lifetimes added to the suspense because of the outcomes. I was never quite sure where the author would take it.I recommend this for readers of erotic romantic suspense who like a supernatural twist with sibling rivalry.I like how Jake’s story (secondary character) was introduced, and I’m curious to know who will Dorie be when she reincarnates. Bring on book 2!