Ari and Matt with Noah

Matt needs a new nanny for his five year old son. He doesn’t want to think about how many nannies they have gone through in his son’s short life, but there are just some things he won’t tolerate! Someone yelling at his son and the women who think they own not only his home, including inviting their friends over for a pool party when they are supposed to be taking care of his son, but his bed, even when he doesn’t invite them and has no intention of ever doing so! When he sees Ari again at his friends unveiling, he remembers she was the only one who played with his son at the youth home the month before, while trying to fix the place up. So he invites her to his home for an interview the next day and after getting glowing recommendations from not only his fellow Maverick and her boss he hires her. How will things work out? Will Noah like his new nanny? What happens when Noah’s mother breezes into town one afternoon? Also, Ari is trying to find her brother Gideon, will Matt understand if she gets a lead and has to follow it?? Only one way to find out, read this great story by Bella Andre and Jennifer Skully!