Another great book!

Trinity Green was everything everyone else wanted her to be. Tall, thin, blonde, the perfect prim and proper wife. The day she walked in on her husband and his lover in their shower was the day Trinity would throw caution to the wind and get what SHE desired. She craved hot steamy passion, and she was just about to see what it would be like to be the wanton risqué woman she fantasized about. It was as easy as answering the knocking on a door.Scott Sinclair heard the woman in the room next to him, lust over came thought and he knocked on the door and asked her one question that would bring on a dramatic chain of delicious lusty events; Can I watch you? No names were traded that night, he left a business card for her the next morning and now he just had to wait for her call. Trinity wanted more of the uninhabited feelings so she brazenly initiated the contact. He was 15 years her senior, but she could not hide her attraction for him.And what contact it was, steamy voice mails, secret meetings, and wild out of her mind orgasms. She didn’t have to be the prim daddy’s girl for Scott, she could be who she wanted, Jezebel. When time goes by and Scott still doesn’t know her real name, a business meeting makes everything fall into place; oh and then there’s a little drama with someone trying to blackmail them. Trinity is hiding, she needs everything he can offer, but she needs to earn her own independence… does that leave room for a little tantalizing dessert named Scott Sinclair?I’ve said this once and I’ll say it again, Jasmine Haynes has a way with setting the readers mind and visual parts of the brain on FIRE! Her books are erotic, romantic and with this one her character throws everything caution to the wind! It was such an outright fantasy come to life, that I think a lot of women could relate to. Have you ever wanted to pretend to be someone you’re not, and enjoy the most titillating night of your life? How would it feel to have a stranger watch you pleasure yourself? Find out how Trinity Green feels the moment tall, dark and handsome comes knocking on her hotel door by picking up a copy of Show and Tell. 5 HeartsContact Jasmine: […]