What’s not to love about sexy, alpha-hot billionaires? The cake is delicious, but the icing is their compassion and sensitivity to everyone they care about most. Bella and Jennifer have written a wonderful book filled with every emotion that fills our heart.Matt Tremont is one of the Maverick Billionaires whose brilliance has yielded great paybacks in business. The only thing Matt cares about more is his son, Noah. To the exclusion of everything else, Matt’s focus centers on his 5 year old child, trying to provide him with all the love he never had himself, because of parents who bullied and belittled him until their deaths. Lovers, but never married, Noah’s mother, Irene turned over custody to Matt. She wasn’t interested in raising a child, motherhood taking too much away from her personal escapades.After firing another, from a long list of nannies, Matt turns to his friend Daniel, hoping he’ll be able to help. As it turns out, Daniel knows someone who would be perfect for them. Ariana Jones, preferring to be called Ari, adores children and working in a teaching capacity, is asked to interview for the nanny position.When she meets Matt, sparks fly as she realizes they had seen each other at a charitable event, without being introduced. Ari and Noah take to each other immediately and Matt can hardly believe, after so many years of frustration, that he has found an intelligent, charming and affectionate nanny for his beloved son. Moving into his mansion, Ari’s life suddenly turns her dream into reality.There are so many amazing layers to this story that it is hard for me to express them all. Some people, growing up with nothing but rejection, spring back from adversity, against all odds to make their lives special. Matt and Ari have done that. Others, with a wealth of everything, have nothing to show or give.Matt is sure Ari is too young for him and fights his feelings for her as the only means to protecting his heart from hurt he believes will occur. Ari, growing up in foster homes after the death of her drug addicted mother, lives life with a resilient spirit, astounding Matt with her strength. Love she gives freely, asking for nothing in return. She has a brother, Gideon who she has tried locating over the years. Revealing this information to Matt, he is determined to help her find him. The happily ever after is not a surprise, but the most wonderful expectation of how the nuances of love, respect and honor unfold. Kudos ladies ~ Bravo!