An erotic emotional journey of trust

Having devoured Jace and David’s quests finding love, launching into Mitch’s was a no brainer. And whilst it has a slightly different dynamic as he is married, his and Connie’s journey of bringing the spice back into their marriage was as hot and sexy as his brothers.Each man has coped (or to be more precise hasn’t) with the death of their oldest brother Lou in their own individual way. Mitch, the middle of the 3, is no different, but with a wife and young children to support he has turned into the ultimate worrier. Gaviscon is his best friend, his scrooge-like tendencies have put a strain on his marriage and the fact that Connie wants to expand their family is likely to give him the ulcer he is desperately trying to avoid. Connie decides the time has come to woo her man into action and following a trip to the sex-store, a sexual and sensual quest begins…It was hot. Sizzling hot, but with a deeper story accompanying it and I loved them both, particularly Mitch and his moves. He surprised me, although I’ll admit at times I could’ve throttled him.This is a series to read. I finished each book in a couple of hours and whilst you will need to switch the fan on to cool down after the hot stuff, they also stir you emotions and there isn’t a single member of the Jackson family that I haven’t grown to love. I would love to read more, but I get the impression that this could be the end.