An enjoyable book

I found this book to be a quick, enjoyable read. I liked the main character, Lili, a lot. She’s a free-spirited, easy-going person who just happens to be psychic and able to understand what animals show her (they don’t speak words, but she can view scenes from their perspective). I didn’t like Tanner quite as much, since he was pretty much a stick-in-the-mud kind of businessman. Tanners’ daughter’s cat views a murder, and communicates it to Lili, which sets off a hunt for the body, and then the killer. It’s an interesting story, and I enjoyed the book, I just got frustrated with the way Tanner was fine with having a sexual relationship but then kept pulling away from anything more. You can tell that he loves her, but the way he keeps rationalizing their whole relationship away just makes you want to smack him. Anyway, everything all comes out right in the end, and overall it’s a pretty good book so I do recommend it.