Amazing 5 book Series!!!!

First of all, WOW WOW WOWI just found this 5 book series a couple of weeks ago, and this afternoon I just finished the last book of the series. I’d never read this author before finding this Max Starr series. I found it because I was looking for a romantic suspense book, and I limited my search to only books with an average rating of 4 stars or greater. Sometimes you can go by the ratings, and sometimes not. This time the ratings were well earned. Sometimes I worry that publishers and such clog up the ratings to boost sales, so I’m a little leary sometimes of these ratings.I think everyone who starts this series and enjoys the first couple of chapters of Book 1 will absolutely HAVE to complete the whole series……and you really need to complete them in order because each one carries on from the one before. I’m sort of glad I discovered this series after they were all complete because I hate when I finish a great story and have to wait for the next part to start. I read these 5 back to back to back.The reason I say you need to read the first couple of chapters is because there is some really graphic sex scenes throughout these books. After reading, I think the really graphic ones were mainly in books 1,2, and 5. Books 3 and 4 did have some, but wasn’t quite as much or as graphic I think. Anyway, if you have a problem with graphic sex in a book, this series is not for you. I almost wish some of the sex could have been toned down just because I think this author is so gifted and brilliant with her story-telling that the books would be a big hit mainstream, but the graphic sex sort of prevents mainstream. BUT, I also wonder if the books would have had quite the punch without it. This story was about tragedy, mystery, suspense, love, romance, and SEX.As I was reading, I kept wondering what the final book would be like. Would it be a big pay off after reading the previous 4 books, and the answer is YES YES YES. Book 5 ended up answering every question pretty much with a BANG. Things that you might have thought random in the first 4 books took on great significance in Book 5. I was expecting an amazing end to this series, and book 5 does not disappoint.One slight question was left hanging, and Max didn’t want the answer to that one question in the end because she said it didn’t matter anymore, BUT I WANTED TO KNOW!!! If I were writing, I think I would have answered, “Yes, and it was Angela” I wouldn’t have wanted it to be Tiffany. I would have wanted it to be either a NO as an answer or Angela. If you read book 5, you’ll understand what unanswered question I’m referring to. Other than that one question, all questions and motives are finally revealed. WITH A LOT OF SUSPENSE. Edge of your seat!!In book 5, I was reading each page as fast as possible because it was sooooo suspenseful, and I just had to know what would happen next.So now I’m going to see what else this author has to offer. I can’t imagine anything possible being as good as this series. WOW!