Addicting Story of Murder, Mayhem, Romance and Paranormal

This is really a review for the whole series – I have now finished all 5 books of the Max Starr series and I am stuck for how to rate them. I read them all back to back so to me it was like 1 really long story with a great if somewhat surprising ending. While it did eventually kind of live up to its title description of “erotic paranormal romance mystery” it was such a great story to me that the “erotic” part did not seem to clash as it does for me in many books. This is a great story and the fact is that none of the books in itself was that outstanding but the series as a whole was phreaking amazing. I think all I can say is that if you think you would like a story about a woman who witnessed her husband killed (who stayed around as a ghost to help her recover) and has to solve about 5 murders or more, is a emotional cripple at the start of this AND is a psychic. This is the story 🙂 It does become highly sensual but not in the “Anita does Everybody” type, most of it is mental.. The mystery is not solved until the last book and the author has you guessing the whole time and at some point you suspect everybody, she does get a semi-hero cop that she has a relationship with through the books that will stretch your belief that a guy would put up with as much trouble as she is 🙂 I highly recommend the series as a whole, not for the easily offended but a very good read