Absolutely adorable!

She’s Gotta Be Mine is laugh-out-loud funny from the beginning and I got the warm fuzzies throughout the book reading abou Nick and Bobbie’s growing relationship. There are lots of charming (and eccentric) characters that make up the townspeople and even the villain, Cookie, is a fun character to read about. Only one point troubled me and that was the acceptance that Cookie had to be lying about being abused because everyone knew that Jimbo was so sweet. In the book this is true, but I speak from personal experience, both as a victim and a therapist for abused women and children, that you can NOT confirm abuse from the outside and many, if not most, perpetrators are likable, charming men to people outside the family! Aside from that, this is a very cute romance and the “mystery villain” was not recognizable until the end. I enjoyed reading this story very much and I definitely recommend it.