A sweet, romantic story, with a delectable male lead and a heroine worth routing for.

**Contains SPOILERS**The heroine was widowed and left with two small sons to raise a few years before the book begins. She is surrounded by a Clan of supportive in-laws, but she’s lonely, and if she can’t have romance she’ll settle for a night of steamy sex with a stranger. She heads to a bar looking for a hookup, but finds few men that interest her, until a familiar face walks in – her brother-in-law.He’s been helping around the house and with the kids ever since her husband died. She doesn’t know what she’d do without him, but her feelings had always been platonic…until now. Meanwhile the hero has been swamped with guilt, blaming himself for his brother’s death, ashamed of the torch he’s carried for our heroine since the day they met.Will they find love? I think you can guess. A few steamy love scenes are tossed in for good measure. It was an quick and enjoyable read. The characters were completely relatable. Frankly, I wanted the hero all for myself.