A “Grimm” story

Beauty or the Bitch was not what I expected. This is a storyline that is very much in the news and takes control to a different level. Eden Alexander had been Dexter ‘Dex’ King’s secret teenage passion. The opportunity to interview her would not only be the perfect professional move for him but it would be the culmination of a personal dream. His editor dangles a” carrot. “You can have the Eden Alexander interview but you need to get me and interview with Shelby Stewart also. Eden Alexander and Shelby Stewart were friends until 10 years ago – something had driven a wedge in their friendship but nobody knows why Shelby Stewart had left Hollywood ten years ago and became a recluse. She wanted anonymity and to be left alone with her secrets. One night she finds a man almost frozen to death on her doorstep and it changes her life in a way she didn’t expect. There are strong emotional and sexual scenes in this book with a shocking revelation. Jennifer Skully (aka Jasmine Haynes) has written a moving and meaningfully story. It is a recommended read and I am sure, like me, you will be shocked at the secrets these two woman have been hiding for 10 years.