4.5 stars! Sexy after the HEA with meeting his family

This continues the sexy romance of David and Tricia, so this is not a standalone and is best read after Any Way She Wants It. What happens after the happily ever after? Complications with his family.This was satisfying on so many levels. Tricia needs to face her high school nemesis, Judy AKA David’s sister. She also is dealing with his mother and his kids.Reality hits their romance hard. Is their love strong enough to withstand his dead wife’s hold? Tricia finds the courage to face her “friend” but also to have a difficult conversation with David. Tricia is 38 and dealing with decisions that come with being that age. I loved her independence and willingness to be dominated sexually, yet get everything she needs.I really enjoyed the very sexy scenes that made this a very naughty Christmas! It was short and so satisfying. I love the references to other West Coast series characters. I’m eagerly awaiting more in this series.