4.5 stars of steamy hotness!

Tricia is 38; David is 48. I do enjoy reading about mature couples. She fell for him when she was 16, and he was her first kiss. Twenty-two years later, they get a second chance at their romance. His wife’s death and that kiss have left him with lots of guilt. Tricia, however, has been living out his words to her. She has been having sex “any way she wants it”.I love that there are so many sexually confident women in this series. They know what and who they want, and they are not afraid to go after their men. David is consumed with guilt and grief over his marriage and wife’s death; Tricia is ready to push him past his comfort zone. She confronts him in his office and lets him know just how much she wants him. And then there is the sex club… Priceless.This is an erotic romance. Lots of hot, sexy scenes. You have been warned or enticed. Tricia is a woman who can ask for what she wants sexually and make the first move.It starts off with the wedding of one of my fave couples in the series! And then couples from another series were in it, including another fave couple of mine. Those were like bonuses and extra cherries on top.Note: I received an advance reader copy and enjoyed it enough to purchase my own copy. This is my honest review. I also have read and purchased many books by this author.