4.5 stars! 60 is sexy!!

4.5 stars! Gina made 60 sexy!! And then there was Blake, who at 65, was a silver fox. So much fun and romance with the hero and heroine in their 60s. Their “meet cute” was almost a date with disaster as he saves her from getting run over by “Santa”. Their chemistry was off the charts from the moment they met. She was a widow and a grandmother; he was never married and had no kids. She was a stay-at-home mother and wife; he was a photojournalist and a nomad who traveled the world. Opposites attract.Her friend Donna was fun and pushing her to explore while worried that Blake might be a con artist or serial killer. LOL. He was neither. The pushback from her grown children was cringeworthy, but understandable. Gina was given a chance to redefine herself as a woman with a lot of life and love left to give. Her decision to go on a trip with Blake to Norway to see the Northern Lights was part Frozen and all romance with a hot tub and more.There was a sense of adventure and that her dreams that she shared with her late husband would now be shared with Blake. That they were opposites meant that Gina had the roots that Blake needed, and Blake had the wings that Gina needed.There were some super sexy, steamy sex scenes too.So satisfying!! This series has delivered in both the traveling to other countries as well as the range of ages for mature romance. I am so glad that there is another book coming soon in the series!! I recommend this series for mature and seasoned romance readers.Note: I had received an advance reading copy and enjoyed enough to buy a copy.