Desperate to the Max

Best series ever!!!

My review is based on all the books so a little spoiler below.spoilerMax got on my nerves a lot. After reading the whole series I really understood her and everything she went through. Her past was bad and the things she was doing I hated. Book one Max really made me mad with the things…

Great read!

This review is for the entire Max Starr series:I loved this series and the characters. Truthfully the books got better with each one. The story line kept me interested. It is “steamy” in some parts. The only thing that irritated me is at the beginning of each book the author recapped the previous, so if…


A must read! I loved every book in the series! I am normally a vampire romance advocate but Jasmine Haynes is so good I didn’t miss my vampires whatsoever! With non-stop action and an amazing storyline, she draws you in from the first chapter and you can’t put it down. I laughed, cried, felt such…


Jasmine Hayes has done it again she brought max, Cameron & Witt to life I fell in love with these characters in book 1 and it just gets stronger in every book she tells the story so well you almost forget your reading a book

Great Series

This series was one of my favorites. It was funny & kept your interest as well. I would recommend these books to anyone. I loaned every one of them to my daughter & she liked them too.