Invitation to Pleasure Audiobook

Audiobook cover of Invitation to Pleasure by Jasmine Haynes

If you’re a fan of contemporary erotic romance, then enclosed is your invitation to The Sex Club, elegant, classy, sexy, every woman’s fantasy, every man’s desire.

Virginia Hansen believes she’s a three-time loser in marriage, each time confusing the passion and lust of immediate attraction for lasting love, with disastrous results. For her fourth trip down the aisle, she demands stability and companionship, without passion or lust clouding her judgment. But Virginia will soon discover that trying to harness her deep-seated sexual needs is like trying to tell a raindrop not to fall. Buried inside, Virginia has overpowering desires and the need for a man’s seduction to turn her inside out. When she begins craving seduction from her new husband, her carefully constructed, stable world might very well fall apart.

Brett Branoff has finally found the right woman. Everything in his life is about his career, even down to his choice of wife, and Virginia has the same needs and goals as he does. He’s willing to bank his sexual desires and forgo the bedroom fireworks to accommodate the perfect, self-assured, even-tempered wife. But when Brett uncovers the hidden wanton beneath Virginia’s elegant business suits, everything he thought he wanted pales in comparison to his newfound desires. Brett soon discovers that perfunctory sex once a week isn’t enough to satisfy him, not when he knows that Virginia is capable of so much more. Now he plans on sending his wife an invitation to pleasure she simply can’t refuse.

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What Readers Are Saying:

Love it

Lots of SEX !!! I love sex books, but this also have a good story with it. I have read all 3 of the Invitation books. It made me want to go to a sex club myself. Made me hot… Read more “Love it”

Amazon Reviewer

My favorite of the 3!

I love how both Brett and Virginia entered the marriage with the idea of suppressing their natural desires to have a comfortable and easy companionship. I also love how Brett didn’t freak out about his wife’s hidden sexual side. Although I do believe in real life, a conversation could have cleared up all the misunderstandings,… Read more “My favorite of the 3!”

Amazon Reviewer


Good read. It was a real page… Read more “Enjoyed”

Amazon Reviewer

Tittilating and tender!

I loved all three of these books! They are all stand alone but the writing, plots and diversity make for 3 great… Read more “Tittilating and tender!”

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Amazon Reviewer

Virginia and Brett. OMG

OMG, I loved this book. Jasmine Haynes has become my favorite author. I downloaded this book today from Amazon around 5PM and finished it at three hours… Read more “Virginia and Brett. OMG”

Amazon Reviewer

Book 2 Amazing !!

Wow, book 2 was great ! Loved the story line and the characters, so happy Virginia got the marriage she deserves. The erotic scenes were beyond amazing. WOW… Read more “Book 2 Amazing !!”

Amazon Reviewer

Loved the whole series

I really loved how their marriage started as one made for mental reasons but became so much more. I am glad they figured it out and got their… Read more “Loved the whole series”

Amazon Reviewer

Heated Pleasure

Wow! What a fantastically HOTT read! Sex sex sex! It’s so undeniably HOTT at what Brett does for Virginia! Hope you… Read more “Heated Pleasure”

Amazon Reviewer

Erotic adventure. Wow!

Very erotic, sensual story. I recommend it for graphic descriptions and an engrossing… Read more “Erotic adventure. Wow!”

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